About us

Das Le Coq heute in Wörrstadt.

We, your hosts Ulrike & Marcus, have been a happy couple and inspired swingers for over 14 years. Eventually, we had the desire to start our own swinger’s club and began to look for a suitable location. In May 1998, we took over the club “Korrekt” in Alsbach-Haehnlein which we reopened on June 1, 1998, under the new name “Partykreis bei Ulrike und Marcus”.

Für kullinarische Höhepunkte.

After extensive reconstructions, the 300 sqm country-house-styled mansion, with pool, sauna, and a very exclusive appearance, was renamed the “Le Coq” (French for “the rooster” or the “cock”) to make the connection with the village’s name “Haehnlein” (the German childlike version “der Hahn” for “the rooster/cock”).

By 2004, the Le Coq had seen an continuously increasing number of guests and was by then well known Germany-wide for its cleanliness, its good service, and especially for its fun-filled, erotic parties. However, since we were unable to renew the lease at this location, the Le Coq was homeless for a short period of time. But by January 2005, we found a new location in Woerrstadt and the date for the grand opening party was set for March 2005.

Das Kaminzimmer.

Using the experience made with our previous club, and considering all the feedback we had received over the years, we were able to design and build a club that is tailored to better fulfill the needs and wishes of our guests.

Wellness pur - Whirlpool, Sauna, Indoorpool.

We now offer a sub-level parking garage with 60 parking spaces and an equal number of parking spaces outside. It is also possible to arrive by bus and RV.

Initially, the club had a size of approximately 650 sqm but has now grown to 800 sqm after adding the S&M-domain-- our “Chamber of Pain”. This is not just the average, mandatory S&M room that you find in other clubs. Instead, our elaborate S&M area features state-of-the-art equipment and toys that are fun for everyone—naughty or nice. You don’t have to be into S&M to find your pleasures here.

2.500qm große Außenanlage für Sommerspiele.

Moreover, we offer six additional event rooms: beautifully decorated play areas in varies sizes. Here, you find the perfect setting for any kind of an erotic encounter.

Our club also features a large, heated indoor pool from which one can easily walk to the 2.500 sqm outside facility. It’s there where we get our barbeque-parties rolling during the summer season! But you can also just enjoy sun bathing or perhaps would like to try outdoor sex. Furthermore, we offer you to relax in our spacious sauna.

The center of all parties is our 80 sqm “Party Zone.” Here you can have a drink from our full-service bar, enjoy the music, and make new friends. If you like it a little bit more quiet and cozy, you might want to check out our coffee bar with open fireplace. In addition, we offer a hot and cold buffet on weekends and provide a dining area where you can enjoy your food.

Our changing room offers 80 lockers. A very spacious bathroom made from genuine Italian marble, a whirlpool and fun shower, add an exclusive finishing touch.

Thus, we have found not only a functional but also beautiful estate in which our local and international swingers feel comfortable. The number of guests who visit us regularly is always increasing. With large events, visited by up to 250 guests, and with always changing themes and special events, we won’t ever let you become bored in any way or at any time!

More than one year after moving to Woerrstadt, we are happy to be the hosts of a club that has earned a reputation as being one of the finest swinger’s clubs. We will always try to give our best to provide those who are into the Lifestyle with a place that has class—a place where you can feel comfortable.

– Le Coq: active & attractive like its guests!

Hopefully, we have awakened your interest and curiosity.

We are looking forward to welcome you to our “hedonic temple” in Woerrstadt! Lascivious greetings from your hosts,

Ulrike & Marcus (June 2006)