Frequently Asked Questions

If you visit a swing club for the very first time, then you might have a lot of questions. Following are the most frequently asked questions, like:

Must one have sex with others?

No, the basic rule is always that 'everything CAN—but nothing HAS TO happen.' You decide for yourself what you would like to do and how far you want to go. No pressure, no expectations, you will not have to do anything you don't wish to. No means NO. No one is required to participate in any activity that they are not comfortable in.


Dress code? What kind of clothe? Which kind of shoes?

Dress as sensual and sexy as you are comfortable with. Some parties have a theme that you can use if you wish but it is not a requirement. Ladies are wearing erotic outfits or lingerie. Patent, vinyl clothing, latex and leather clothing, or bikinis—all work fine. Fantasy knows no limits! Gentlemen usually wear boxer or retro shorts or even bodies, all that looks sexy. Ladies usually wear high heels or sexy boots. Unfortunately for gentlemen, it is harder for them to find adequate shoes. Attractive sandals would work. However, because of our floor heating there is actually no need for shoes.


What do I/we need to bring?

See also question # 2.--and of course high spirits. Anything else is provided for and/or taken care of. All sanitary and cosmetic items like towels, soap, shampoo, body lotion, condoms, and many more such articles are available and complimentary.


Where do we keep our clothes and other belongings?

For your convenience, we have over 80 lockers in which you can store all your clothes and belongings.

How crowded is it usually?

Well, this is a good question... our busiest day is Saturday, although Fridays are becoming increasingly popular as well. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, our parties on a smaller scale. Our guests who visit us on those days know what to expect and exactly what they want. On Sundays, our parties are mostly relaxed but also very well visited; in fact, this day might be most appropriate one for beginners.


How old are your guests usually?

Mixed. Some evenings we have people from all ages, 18 to 60. But on average, our guests are between 30-40 years old. Saturday evening is more suitable for our younger guests.

What kind of people visit your club? And where are they from?

Over the years, we have learned that our guests come from all social classes… which is good because sex is a universal language everybody understands. Your social status is of no interest in the club. We have local guests as well as international guests.


What do I do if I meet somebody I know?

This is rather uncommon and unlikely! However, if it does happen, it’s best to walk up to the person and talk openly to him/her about it. After all, you just discovered something that you have in common with the other person. Have a drink together and you both will feel more relaxed during that night. This works much better than trying to avoid each other. In addition, you can assume that all of our guests are interested in discretion.


Are there only models in the club?

No, our guests are people like you and me...

How much are food and drinks?

Our prices are “all inclusive“ which means there are no additional costs in course of the evening...

Which evening would be best for me/us?

Well, this probably depends on what you want. From our experience it’s best for beginners to visit us on a more quiet evening. Please also see question #5, but this also varies from person to person.

How is the ratio between singles and couples?

Well, basically we have a ratio of one gentleman per couple which we reach rather rarely on the weekends. Then the amount of couples and single ladies, generally speaking, are much higher than the number of single gentlemen. During the week, those couples and single ladies who look for a surplus on single gentlemen are in an advantageous position because the proportions might be a little deferred…


What about safer sex?

We encourage you to use condoms. We have condoms available in every room of our house. It’s your own responsibility to use them…

Reservations required ?

No... Only for special events, it is recommended that you give us a quick call to let us know that you are coming. On a regular night, we appreciate the call, but it’s optional! We are just as happy about spontaneous and unannounced visits.


How do you mingle with people?

The best place to get in contact with the other guests would probably be our modern and comfortable bar and our “cuddle corner” or even the dining area. With the easy-going and hot atmosphere at our parties, you quickly get into a conversation with others of like mind and similar interests, get to know them, and perhaps more might come out of it.


Have I actually got a chance as a single gentleman?

We believe so--absolutely! Of course, it always depends on you, and we don’t give any guarantees. Neither do we give any to couples. But the many returning guests, couples and singles alike, suggest that they are not disappointed. Be friendly and open, well groomed and nicely dressed, show manners and be polite-and you will most likely get most out of your visit.


Is it possible to visit your club as a single lady or will I be fair game?

Don’t worry! Our female singles receive our special attention. Nothing is going to happen here you don’t want to happen (see # 1)! If you ever have any reason to feel uncomfortable, talk to us right away. Our staff is always there for you. You will find the freedom to talk to anyone without the fear of commitment that something is expected of you. But you also find the freedom to go with your feeling and toss out those inhibitions and enjoy getting to know others and exploring your fantasies. But again—the basic rule that “all can but nothing HAS TO happen” always applies. You may simply enjoy the frank and open display of adult sensual pleasure without participating.


SWING CLUBS ”Disneyland“ for adults or ”modern lifestyle“?

We believe both are correct. Couples living together in a happy relationship and enjoying their common sexual desires to the fullest, stand on remarkably firmer grounds than couples who don’t. Let’s just look at the divorce rates in the Western World, which are, as we all know, very high. If we now examine these statistics and ask why these relationships fell apart, one can clearly see that in 90 % of the cases one partner went another way sexually, which means CHEATED! The question who cheats more often, men or women is kept in balance—although more women admit to it--because one thing is clear – you need two people to cheat! So why not talk about it before and go new ways together in order to expand your sexual horizon. Communication in a relationship, especially when sex is involved, is incredibly important. Capable swing clubs offer to fulfil your sexual desires and consequently enrich your sex life in an erotic atmosphere with others of like mind and similar interests. Swing clubs often can ignite the flames of passion a couple knew early in their relationship.

Single-ladies have the opportunity to have safe and sheltered sex without the fear having to take someone home or going to someone else’s home. Some of the other negative aspects can also be avoided i.e. talking on the phone back and forth, abandonment of ones own anonymity, etc. These things are difficult for women who only want to have sex, especially if they seek more erotic encounters than one per evening or with more than one man, or even with another woman or with a couple!

A swing club offers single guys to meet single ladies and couples who are seeking the same: Discrete adult fun and to live out sexual fantasies without commitments. Many women, if they are single or part of a couple, enjoy to be spoiled by two or more men at the same time. Threesomes are common in the club.

For single women and single men alike who seek uncomplicated sex without wanting to establish a relationship—the swing club is the ideal place to find what they are looking for.

So taking all this into account, many things speak in favor of swing clubs!

Nevertheless, if you do have additional questions regarding your first visit to our club, please feel free to contact us on our club line anytime during business hours.

We are looking forward to welcome you at Le Coq soon,
The Le Coq Team